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Run tracks through analogue effects.  Live performed percussion, bass, bgs, guitar, tracks for any genre.  

Decades of experience and an analogue-digital hybrid approach make for magic mixes.

Fantastic tones and a studio vibe that will bring out the best in any musician.

Guidance at every stage of your project.  Creating demos, grants, full production. 

DIY engineer/producer? We have the answers.  Pro consults for folks at any level working out their craft.


Stereobus Recording operates Winnipeg's longest running commercial studio.  The 1976 Westlake inspired facility is rich with history and provides optimal acoustics and isolation with a warm backdrop for tracking, making records and shooting video. Fully accessible.


Owner & Head Engineer

Paul Yee

Paul has a keen ear honed over decades of recording.   He prides himself in building relationships with clients to best serve the music and capture your sound.   


A musician first, Paul has toured extensively on bass, guitar, drums and percussion. Paired with experience writing, producing and recording,  the well rounded background brings an understanding and genuine approach to the work.


Paul’s arsenal of skills inform every aspect of production. Whether putting together songs & demos at the initial project phases, or engineering and playing on sessions, overdubs, and mixing, at Stereobus we believe in good music.

Studio Operations

Geneviève Levasseur

Geneviève takes care of all the behind the scenes magic that keeps the studio running.  Partner to Paul Yee, she is instrumental to the operation of the business. Admin, design, caretaker, barista, web building, whatever it takes.

Away from the studio, Geneviève works as a commercial artist doing murals, portraits, paintings, commissions, and other multi media projects.  

Whether welcoming clients, making album art or laying down vocal harmonies, she has a true passion for music and a joy for life that becomes infectious. 

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