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At Stereobus Recording, we understand every project is unique.  These rates are the basic guideline, but we often prefer to discuss with serious clients in better detail what they are looking for and how we can achieve their goals and budget. 

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Bookings require a 25% deposit.  


Studio Day Rate

$600 + gst

Includes engineering staff (chief engineer and assistant)

**Studio day rate is based on a 10hr day.

Any scheduled days off during lock out booking

will require a $150 hold charge per day.

   ***cancellation fees apply (25%)

Studio Day Rate (without engineer)

Studio rental is available to outside engineers!

$450 + gst

   ***cancellation fees apply (25%)

Hourly Rate

$75.00 + gst per hour (minimum 2 hours for tracking) 




-Stem Creation

-Analogue Effects Printing

Mix Rates

$250 + gst

-Demo mix (per song)

  (1 revision)

$500 + gst

-Release mix (per song)

 (Includes revisions)